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Here’s what happens when you quote Vampire Weekend to people who give a fuck about the Oxford comma.

Skip to the comments of this sort of misleading story about Oxford’s PR department dropping the Oxford comma:

James Colpean
Who gives a F*** about an oxford comma?

Why would you speak to me that way? I think it was an interesting, humorous, and topical article.

Well golly gee whiz James, I rather like the OC. It is a bastion of civility. You, on the other hand are crude, ignorant,and unstylish.

the New Old Godfather
Why even respondif you truly do not care?

(For the record, I always use the Oxford comma and think it will be with us as long as even anti-OC style guides have to make exceptions to let you use it “when a comma would assist in the meaning of the sentence or helps to resolve ambiguity”.)

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