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Fuck the Policia

 Fuck the Policia

Via Fuck Yeah Albuquerque.

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Space urine

 Space urine

Here’s a picture taken by an astronomer. It’s the dirty water and astronaut urine the Discovery ejected before returning home for the last time.

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Chemically indistinguishable from urine

From the abstract of Vaginal eroticism: a replication study:

This study supports previous findings regarding vaginal eroticism. It does not support the existence of the discrete anatomical structure called the Grafenberg spot. It supports the contention that there are two distinct types of female orgasm, vaginally evoked and clitorally evoked. It also supports the finding that some women expel a fluid through the urethra at the time of orgasm. In this particular case the fluid was chemically indistinguishable from urine.

Good to know.

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Woman who urinates herself

I’m not sure why, but it was about the tenth time I watched this animated GIF of the woman with the saddest IMDB page peeing herself that made be laugh out loud, unable to explain myself to those around me.

ann sellors gif Woman who urinates herself

Incidentally, what makes her IMDB page so sad is that this was her only credited role.

Via Boing Boing’s Submitterator.

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Eddie the Brick – “A Zombie & a Demon”

 Eddie the Brick   A Zombie & a Demon

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