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Scott Dikkers of The Onion

Turns out that editor-in-chief of The Onion is a thoughtful, well-spoken atheist. Not surprising, really. Here’s a talk he gave about atheism. The best line in it is this:

People now have the option to just believe whatever they want–just make something up–it doesn’t matter if it’s not substantiated. And that hurts the rest of us.

IMO, this is the single biggest problem with our society’s current perspective on faith, and it’s nice to see it stated so simply.
via The Morning News

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People Like Food

And, when you really think about it, there's a lot to like about food. It tastes good and it's good to eat. That's all I can think of for now, but those two things alone make me like food. Furthermore, I just thought of something else: Food is probably the healthiest and best thing to put in your mouth. You can ask a doctor about that.

Here’s a fact: Food has been around forever.

Thanks, the Onion. Thanks.

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