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Suicidal man calls cops, threatens them with a sword, gets shot

Jonathan Martis was depressed. His girlfriend had recently miscarried. In a deranged move, he called the Omaha police to his house.

Officers commanded Martis to drop the sword, but he refused and advanced on them, said Officer Michael Pecha, a police spokesman.

An officer fired a Taser that appeared to have no effect on Martis. The costumed man continued to advance and was shot by an officer, Pecha said. He was struck in the torso.

He was also dressed like a pirate, which is something he liked to do, and apparently how he wanted to go out. Luckily, the shot did not kill him.

From Omaha.com, via Gawker.

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Porn actor kills another porn actor with a sword then falls off a cliff


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