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A good point about filibustering Supreme Court nominees

If republicans decide to filibuster Obama’s next Supreme Court nominee, Obama won’t have a lot of room to shame them. Because they have a point about this:

"It didn't go without being noticed that only two of the elected officials in the room had never filibustered a Supreme Court nominee," says one Republican Senate aide. Those two, of course, were McConnell and Sessions. So at the moment, the only lawmakers who are being criticized for even being open to the possibility of a filibuster are the ones who have never, in fact, taken part in one. "It's kind of challenging for Democrats now to make the case that Republicans ought to be helpful and speed things up when they not only tried to slow Alito down but voted against cloture," says the Senate aide.

Via Instapundit

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Murray Hill Incorporated for Congress

According to the Supreme Court, corporations have all the rights of individuals. Testing this principle, a PR firm is running for Congress.

SIEGEL: And your corporate candidate, Murray Hill Inc., hopes to run in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Is that the district selected?

Mr. HENSAL: Yes, it’s Maryland Congressional District 8. We’re currently working on getting to become a registered voter, which we were just recently rejected. So we have to work on our response to that. But we need to be a registered voter to run in the Republican primary, which is the place we feel would be most hospitable to a corporate candidate. At least initially, but I guess down the road, you know, the logic of the decision again plays out, and the parties really won’t be so relevant. But for now, we think the Republican primary would be a place to be.


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