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C-Sections for good luck

There’s a trend in India of pregnant women getting c-sections to ensure their baby is born on a lucky day.

Ms. Varmaa and her child would be fine, the astrologer said, as long as the baby was born on one of three mahurats, or auspicious days, near her due date. She then did what doctors say an increasing number of middle-class Indians are doing these days: She scheduled a caesarean section in order to nail that good-luck date.

The perfectly timed birth not only gave her a wonderful daughter, Ms. Varmaa says, but also got her own life back on track. Her career and health have improved and her brief, arranged marriage has ended in an amicable divorce.

Via The Morning News.

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The Zodiac Is BS — Well, In Another Way as Well

The motion of the sun relative to the zodiac constellations is always slowly changing. Because the traditional dates for zodiac signs were determined in the 2nd century BC, today’s horoscope is grossly inaccurate, and the sun is never actually moving through the right constellations when your local horoscope says it is.

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