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Photo of Sun and Moon and ISS

Thierry Legault does it again. He managed to take a picture of the Sun with the Moon and the International Space Station passing in front of it.

Via Gizmodo and Bad Astronomy.

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Killer Nazi space mirror

Killer Nazi space mirror

Near the end of World War Two, some German scientists made plans to build a large mirror that they would have launched into space and used to focus sun rays into a super-hot point. Luckily, physics tells us this idea would never work. At the distance the Germans were planning to put their mirror, their light beam would’ve hit the Earth with a 40-mile diameter and not been hot enough to create any damage.

Via Neatorama.

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NASA will send a craft to the sun

NASA is going to send a ship to the Sun. Or at least 4 million miles from the surface of the Sun. And of course, the ship won’t be manned. But after sending many many probes to the outer Solar System, it’s nice that we’re going to head in the other direction.

From The Slatest.

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