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Small male spear squids don’t bother mating, just try to slip their sperm in there

There are two types of male spear squids: large “consorts”, who do all the mating, and “sneakers”, who make up for their smaller bodies by having bigger sperm.

Rather than courting, a sneaker waits for a female to begin laying her eggs, at which point he rushes in head first and deposits his spermatophore near her external sperm storage organ (just under her mouth). When timed well, the released eggs will pass over the sneaker’s sperm and possibly become fertilized, if the eggs haven’t already been fertilized by the consort’s sperm inside the female’s oviduct.

From 80beats.

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The Sperm Bike doesn’t just look like sperm. It carries sperm.

This is the Sperm Bike, devised by a fertility clinic in Copenhagen. The giant sperm on the bike is actually insulated storage for transporting… biological materials.

Via Neatorama.

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