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Socialism v. Liberalism v. Jonah Goldberg

In what may be the quintessential Jonah Goldberg moment, here he is bemoaning liberals for purveying the stigma around the term “socialism” instead of just using it to describe a set of policies similar to what a lot of mainstream European politicians support. All while talking about a book about Obama and socialism by his NRO colleague called Radical-in-Chief. The comments from his readers further belie his point.

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The awful absurdity of North Korea

In North Korea, government enterprises cannot pay their employees, so the employees pay the enterprises to let them skip work so they can make money on the black market. In response to this growing non-socialism, the government recently devalued its currency, wiping out people’s life savings.

This and more in a New York Times article about life in North Korea.

Those North Koreans who have never crossed the border have no way to make sense of their tribulations. There is no Internet. Television and radio receivers are soldered to government channels. Even the party official’s wife lacks a telephone and mourns her lack of contact with the outside world. Her first question to a foreigner was “Am I pretty?”

Via The Morning News

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