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How do skeletons stay clean?

tumblr lkpctaNNk41qbdvbxo1 500 How do skeletons stay clean?

Via Bearded Seals Blog, Ffffound.

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Probably not Natalee Holloway’s skeleton

Pareidolia is the phenomenon that causes you to see faces in the clouds. And other things…

A vacationing Pennsylvania couple believe they may have accomplished something that thousands of police, volunteer searchers, and psychics have failed to do: Find the body of missing woman Natalee Holloway.

Science, however, suggests it is likely a false alarm. One forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht, examined the images and concluded, "I do not believe that these photos represent a body. I think it's a rock formation."

Even if it’s a skeleton, there’s no reason to think it’s Holloway.

Via The Morning News

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