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Italian women protest Berlusconi: “Italy is not a brothel.”

Women in several Italian cities are rallying against sex scandal-ridden Silvio.

Thousands of protesters marched through Naples and Palermo, carrying banners calling for Berlusconi to resign and chanting “Italy is not a brothel,” television pictures showed.

From Reuters, via Gawker.

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Silvio Berlusconi’s Hitler joke is weak

Dear Associated Press: don’t report that Silvio Berlusconi told a tasteless joke about Hitler and then not even tell us the joke! It’s important to judge someone’s shocking joke based on whether the person was being hilarious as well as insensitive and hateful.

Fortunately, The Indian Express has the joke, and it turns out it is not funny at all. Which makes Berlusconi even more of a jerk.

Addressing a convention of the youth wing of his People of Freedom Party, the billionaire businessman said: “A little after Hitler died his supporters discovered he was in fact still alive.

”They went to look for him to convince him to come back and he replied: ‘Yes I will return but on one condition…

this time I will be evil, right?’“

Via The Morning News.

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