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Episode 6 – “Drunk Edition”

Dave and Jeff are drunk. It’s not as common an event as it should be, thanks in no small part to Dave’s affliction, which is discussed. Also discussed: Evo Morales, racking nards, short skirt prohibition and whether it should apply to cheerleaders, Jessica Alba’s non-nude scene, jobs plans with large fonts, and fictional catch-phrase for high-concept television. Enjoy.

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Only cheerleaders may show off their thighs. For spirit.

A school district has decided to enforce a stricter dress code… with some perky exceptions.

While some complain it is unfair, district officials have decided that the ban on short skirts on girls does not apply to cheerleaders.

The decision came after high school principals huddled at the start of football season and agreed to give cheerleaders an exemption to the new rules, which say “dresses, skirts and shorts must be at least mid-thigh or below in length” and nixes clothing that is “sexually suggestive.”

I guess the difference is that cheerleaders’ uniforms are not meant to be sexy.

Via Obscure Store.

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