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Woman who urinates herself

I’m not sure why, but it was about the tenth time I watched this animated GIF of the woman with the saddest IMDB page peeing herself that made be laugh out loud, unable to explain myself to those around me.

ann sellors gif Woman who urinates herself

Incidentally, what makes her IMDB page so sad is that this was her only credited role.

Via Boing Boing’s Submitterator.

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They should make non-lethal guns specifically for shooting in the air

A wedding photographer was accidentally shot dead after he asked the happy couple to pose with guns as part of the big day celebrations, Italian police have revealed.

In Italy, they like to shoot guns in the air to celebrate things.

Via the Slatest.

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The saddest walrus

 The saddest walrus

From Buzz Feed.

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The minor third means sadness in speech as well as in music

When someone is talking sadly, they often change the pitch of their voice by a minor third, which is the sad interval in music.
Via The Morning News

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