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Putin posed as a tourist and met Ronald Reagan

In 1988, Ronald Reagan visited the USSR. One day, he was being introduced to tourists around Moscow. It turns out that these were mostly KGB agents posing as tourists.

Ronald Reagan meets some Russian

The man with the camera around his neck is Vladimir Putin.

From Iconic Photos.

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Punk’s not dead

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Did Reagan Try to Convert Gorbachev?

Ronald Reagan may have tried to make a believer of Mikhail Gorbachev.

The president said he had a letter from the widow of a young World War II soldier. He was lying in a shell hole at midnight, awaiting an order to attack. He had never been a believer, because he had been told God did not exist. But as he looked up at the stars he voiced a prayer hoping that, if he died in battle, God would accept him. That piece of paper was found on the body of a young Russian soldier who was killed in that battle.

And he wasn’t the only President doing this sort of thing.

Nine years earlier, Reagan’s predecessor Jimmy Carter had stunned his aides when he asked the South Korean dictator Park Chung Hee about his religious beliefs and then told Park, “I would like you to know about Christ.”

via Kottke

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