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This rat chews on poison then licks itself with its poison saliva

They found that to make its poison fur, the rat — which averages about 14 inches (36 cm) long — chews the bark of the A. schimperi and licks itself to store the resulting poisonous spit in specially adapted hairs. This behavior is hardwired into the animal’s brain, similar to nitpicking behavior of birds or self-bathing of cats, the researchers suspect.

They have no idea why the rat doesn’t die from the poison itself.

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The rat has a gift

 The rat has a gift

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Rats can learn how to win at the Prisoner’s Dilemma

Some scientists created a Prisoner’s Dilemma for rats. And the rats did well!

The experimental rat could then decide whether to cooperate with the stooge rat, or go for the largest food payout by defecting.

The results showed that the rats quickly figured out their opponent’s strategy. For example, if the experimental rat defected, the stooge playing a tit-for-tat strategy would defect on the next trial. Rather than continually going after the high food reward, the experimental rat fell in line and quickly started cooperating again, avoiding a continuous cycle of defection. In fact, when competing against a tit-for-tat opponent, the rats cooperated about 60% of the time.

Via Boing Boing

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