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Dennis Prager: these musicians are saying curses!

In the National Review, Social conservative Dennis Prager pens an endearingly routine column about how the music industry is awful because they use curse words.

How does a song replete with expletives, whose very title is “F*** You,” get nominated for a Grammy Award as Record of the Year?

The answer is that the music industry, from producers to artists, is largely populated by people who regard social and cultural norms as stifling. Their professional lives are dedicated to lowering that which is elevated, destroying that which uplifts, and profaning that which is held sacred.

Mr. Prager should be careful. If he by accident listens to the song one or two more times, he won’t be able to get the F word out of his head.

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World Cup refs learn some English swears

Referees for the World Cup have studied some English profanities, so they can book players who use them.

Via The Morning News

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