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Pitchfork’s Writing Continues to Be Lame

David Byrne has spent most of his career banging against the clear but impermeable window that separates him from normalcy

Pitchfork, you are terrible. OTOH, this No Age album is pretty sweet.

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Tapes ‘n Tapes Is a Good Band

So last week, I gave Pitchfork some shit about their often-horribly-written reviews. So it behooves me (or something) to point out that their recommendations are more often spot-on. For instance, Tapes ‘n Tapes.

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Beatles Day Continues

And if you’re in a Beatles mood, here’s a short film of them rehearsing Hey Jude:

via Brad.

Meanwhile, Pitchfork has a review (from last friday) of some new Beatles collection. The first three paragraphs are a wonderful illustration for why I rarely try to read the actual text of PF’s reviews (and never finish the ones I start): the writer uses the review assignment as an excuse to bore us with his short thesis on the Beatles in popular culture as well as his personal relationship to them. Thanks for that buddy.

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