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What did Washington really look like?

Eric Altschuler and Krista Ehinger have attempted to discover what George Washington may have actually looked like by applying a computer model to a painting of the president. The theory behind their model is that the painter who painted Washington, Gilbert Stuart, changed some elements of Washington’s appearance, and he probably made similar changes to everyone else he painted. Since some of the other people Gilbert painted survived into the age of photography, the researchers compared paintings to photos to decipher the standard way that Gilbert changed his subject’s appearance. Here’s Daniel Webster:

Daniel Webster, in photo and painting

Then their computer “undid” all the changes it found in the photograph/painting pairs on the painting of Washington.

Washington, in painting and modified by the model.

Interesting idea, though I have to say I’m more than a little doubtful. But then again, we’ll probably never know how right or wrong this image of Washington is.

From AAAS, via io9.

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One family’s struggle with photographing a black dog

In Almost Every Picture #9 is a book that catalogs one family’s attempts to photograph their black dog.

His owners’ persistence is admirable, with the non-dog not showing up all over the house, from not posing proudly in the garden to not being dried by his mistress on the kitchen counter.

Only on the last page is the subject revealed:

Via The Morning News.

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Hidden mother photos

In the early days of photography, most babies were shot being held by their mothers, who were later matted out of the picture.

Via Neatorama.

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About to get hit by Tiger’s golf ball

From the Daily Mail:

Ball about to hit camera

Via Gawker.

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Photo mountain

Photo mountain

By Liesl Pfeffer, via Ffffound.

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The private jets of dictators

Nick Gleis photographs luxurious private jets, including those of African dictators.

Private jet of a dictator

See more at The Telegraph. Via Kottke.

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They should make non-lethal guns specifically for shooting in the air

A wedding photographer was accidentally shot dead after he asked the happy couple to pose with guns as part of the big day celebrations, Italian police have revealed.

In Italy, they like to shoot guns in the air to celebrate things.

Via the Slatest.

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Little people

Little guy shoots a fly

Check out the gallery.

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Amazing wildlife photography!

When you see amazing photos of beautiful wild animals, there’s a good chance the photo is actually of a captive, “model” animal.

A major threat to eastern forest ecosystems is the irruption of white-tailed deer. But the public shouts down increased hunting of does—the only means of control—partly because it gets saturated with photos of game-farm deer on which there is never a tick, sore, clouded eye, or protruding rib.

Via The Morning News

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Replacements for Landmarks

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