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Conservapedia is not falling for Sarah Palin’s bullshit

Even the often-misguided editors of Conservapedia aren’t going along with the effort to spin history to match Sarah Palin’s understanding of it.

Their mission was to warn the colonist, not the British. Bells ringing or not there was no 2nd Amendment for Revere to protest to the British about at the time, since the Constitution had not been written. English law permitted the keeping of arms for hunting and self defense (Declaration of Rights (1689 amended version)) but with the language of “as allowed by law” embedded within, which indicated that that which Parliament giveth, Parliament can take away. The Declaration of Rights permitted the possession of arms for hunting and self defense, but did not allow the stock piling of weapons for private militias. This is what the British were marching from Boston to Concord to confiscate, not individual weapons. And maybe the bells.

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