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Heidi the cross-eyed opossum

The Leipzig Zoo has a new animal who will be exhibited starting in July. However, they released a photo of her (along with other new additions), and she has already become famous in Germany and has a song about her on YouTube.

 Heidi the cross eyed opossum

She is Heidi, the Cross-Eyed Opossum.

Stefan Langner, a composer and musician in a wedding and party band called “90 Degrees,” was immediately inspired. “We saw Heidi on TV, and we were so charmed, that we had to write a song about it,” Langner said. Langner collaborated with fellow band member Gitta L├╝dicke in writing the song, which he says was completed in two days.

They then found three young girls, ages 4, 8, and 13, who had experience singing in a local youth club in the Harz Mountains, to record the piece, named “Opossum Heidi Schielt,” or “Opossum Heidi Peers.”

“When we asked their parents if they would be interested [in making the recording] they were very excited,” Langner, 51, said.

The girls, at times their voices altered and sounding like German “Chipettes,” sing: “Heidi is so sweet. How nice that she exists. I fell so in love with her from the first.”

Via The Daily What.

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