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Yes, the Bible has evolved through the years

Scholars in Jerusalem have been working for 53 years, studying source materials for the Old Testament. As we already know, the Bible has evolved quite a bit through the years, and the work of these scholars illustrates that.

[T]he ongoing work of the academic detectives of the Bible Project, as their undertaking is known, shows that this text at the root of Judaism, Christianity and Islam was somewhat fluid for long periods of its history, and that its transmission through the ages was messier and more human than most of us imagine.

The Book of Jeremiah is now one-seventh longer than the one that appears in some of the 2,000-year-old manuscripts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some verses, including ones containing a prophecy about the seizure and return of Temple implements by Babylonian soldiers, appear to have been added after the events happened.

From The Associated Press, via The Dish.

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