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A tool to push weak old people up stairs

Patented by Allain Eustis in 1895.

From Futility Closet.

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All my friends are dead

All My Friends Are Dead:

All my friends are dead

Via 9Gag.

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Japan is losing their old people

Revelations last week that police had found the mummified remains of a man thought to have been Tokyo’s oldest resident at 111 but actually dead for 30 years shocked a country facing the challenge of a rapidly aging population.

More reports of missing centenarians this week showed that their whereabouts were unknown or their family members were unaware of what had happened to them.

Their health minister has now called on everyone to check on their old people. It’s important to do that every once in a while.

Of course, the family of the supposed 111-year-old man probably knew exactly where he was. Somebody was withdrawing money from his bank account where he was still receiving his pension.

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