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Robots, aliens, and Mark Krikorian

The Japanese have built a robot that can pick ripe strawberries based on their color, which naturally prompts NRO‘s Mark Krikorian to wonder: “So Explain to Me Again Why We Need Illegal Aliens?”.

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50 conservative rock songs, apparently

Over in the internally consistent universe of the National Review, they’ve compiled a list of the 50 “greatest conservative rock songs of all time”, laying claim to all sorts of songs whose authors I’m sure would beg to differ. But when your criteria are as simple-minded and general as any mention of someone with authority being lame or any sort of nod to traditional values, I guess you can take whatever you want.

For what it’s worth, they can have “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour, one of the lyrically worst songs I’ve ever listened to. It’s conservative because they mention JFK.

Via Wonkette

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Balance Alert! Climate Change

The National Review is at it again! Nice job. Jim Manzi clobbers fellow NRO dude Mark Levin on the subject of global warming, which to me is a major litmus test to find out if an intellectual conservative is really all that intellectual.

Groupthink or corruption is always possible, and maybe the entire global scientific establishment is wrong. Does he think that these various scientists are somehow unaware that Newsweek had an article on global cooling in the 1970s? Or are they aware of the evidence in his book, but are too trapped by their assumptions to be able to incorporate this data rationally? Or does he believe that the whole thing is a con in which thousands of scientists have colluded across decades and continents to fool such gullible naifs as the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, numerous White House science advisors, Margaret Thatcher, and so on? Are the Queen of England and the Trilateral Commission in on it too?

But what evidence does Levin present for any of this amazing incompetence or conspiracy beyond that already cited? None. He simply moves on to criticisms of proposed solutions. This is wingnuttery.

Andy McCarthy and Kathryn Jean Lopez have already leapt to Levin’s defense. McCarthy, for one, isn’t mad that Manzi is wrong but that he’s mean, calling his post a “Pearl Harbor”.

Via Wonkette

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Balance Alert! Obama’s space program

Rand Simberg writes in the National Review defending Obama’s NASA strategy:

The reality is that Obama’s new space policy is more conservative than George W. Bush’s was, as I noted two-and-a-half months ago when the new budget was first released. Don’t take my word for it — ask Newt Gingrich or Bob Walker, or Dana Rohrabacher, conservatives who follow space policy closely and aren’t swept up in nostalgia for a Space Age that never really was, at least not in terms of making human spaceflight affordable or sustainable. The opposition from so many Republicans and conservatives to this new policy, which analysts and space activists have been seeking for years, is both frustrating and mystifying. As a former staffer for both Gingrich and Rohrabacher said at a recent space conference, “Democrats don’t think that capitalism works within the atmosphere, and Republicans apparently don’t think it works above it.”

Via Instapundit

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