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NASA will send a craft to the sun

NASA is going to send a ship to the Sun. Or at least 4 million miles from the surface of the Sun. And of course, the ship won’t be manned. But after sending many many probes to the outer Solar System, it’s nice that we’re going to head in the other direction.

From The Slatest.

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Balance Alert! Obama’s space program

Rand Simberg writes in the National Review defending Obama’s NASA strategy:

The reality is that Obama’s new space policy is more conservative than George W. Bush’s was, as I noted two-and-a-half months ago when the new budget was first released. Don’t take my word for it — ask Newt Gingrich or Bob Walker, or Dana Rohrabacher, conservatives who follow space policy closely and aren’t swept up in nostalgia for a Space Age that never really was, at least not in terms of making human spaceflight affordable or sustainable. The opposition from so many Republicans and conservatives to this new policy, which analysts and space activists have been seeking for years, is both frustrating and mystifying. As a former staffer for both Gingrich and Rohrabacher said at a recent space conference, “Democrats don’t think that capitalism works within the atmosphere, and Republicans apparently don’t think it works above it.”

Via Instapundit

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