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Should I freeze Moammar Gadhafi’s bank account? What about Muammar Gaddahi? Mu’ammar Kadafi?

Arabic names are a problem for Bbanks. How do they know which accounts to freeze when there are so many ways to spell Moammar Gadhafi’s name?

Meanwhile, Accuity, a compliance-software supplier, has added more Middle Eastern analysts and last month published an expanded list of alternative spellings for many Middle Eastern names, including 110 variations of Gadhafi.

Via Daily Intel.

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Pronounced Franken-STEEN

 Pronounced Franken STEEN

From Reddit, via The Daily What.

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In God We Trust has changed his name to One Nation Under God

A man named In God We Trust recently changed his name to One Nation Under God. It’s the second of seven planned name changes.

One Nation Under God, who was known as Steve Kreuscher before he made his first name change in 2008, said his next name will be 777, a sequence significant in Christianity.

After 777, Under God said he wants to change his name to What Would Jesus Do, No Cross No Crown, Thermado Zattersof and, finally, Angelico Zioneero.

His purpose is to raise awareness of the need for Christian unity and for his art, which looks like this:

 In God We Trust has changed his name to One Nation Under God

You can buy some art here.

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Brazil Has 6 Barack Obamas

Walk into a polling station in Belford Roxo, an impoverished city on the fringes of Rio de Janiero, on October 5 and you will be faced with an historic choice. You could vote for Alcides Rolim, the Workers’ Party mayoral candidate promising a “city for all” or Elizeu Pitorra, a local communist who believes it is “time for a change”. Most voters, however, will probably opt for Barack Obama, a 39-year-old Brazilian who, until recently, was known as Claudio Henrique dos Anjos.

In Brazil, candidates can run under whatever name they want. 6 candidates are running for office as Barack Obama.
via Ben Smith

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