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Are you sure that’s where you should hold your Armor of God?

armor of god1 Are you sure thats where you should hold your Armor of God?

This and some less unfortunate images at LDS Clipart.

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There’s only one thing on AdventureMormon.com

 Theres only one thing on AdventureMormon.com

Adventure Mormon!

Via The Dish.

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Episode 11 — “Crime Wire”

 Episode 11 — “Crime Wire”

This installment concerns transgressions. Like a woman misusing her vagina. Like a man with a ridiculous haircut becoming suddenly camera-shy. Like Mormons who long to have sex and grow beards. Dave and Jeff also attempt to write at least one decent knock-knock joke. Spoiler alert. They fail.

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Obtaining a beard exception… for medical reasons

From the BYU Honor Code Office:

What is the process for obtaining a beard exception for medical reasons?

A student who wishes to obtain a beard exception must visit a BYU Student Health Center doctor by appointment (422.5156).  The doctor will fax his recommendation.  The student then needs to come to the Honor Code Office to fill out some paperwork and receive the letter allowing the growth of the beard, if approved.  If a yearly beard exception is granted, a new Student ID will be issued after the beard has been fully grown, and must be renewed every year by repeating the process.

If a request is granted for a temporary or more permanent beard exception the student will be notified by the Honor Code Office; at which time the student will come into the office to complete the necessary paperwork.  After completion of this process the student may then grow a full beard according to the guidelines given.

Via Unreasonable Faith.

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Glenn Beck exposes several layers of ignorance about evolution

Quoth Glenn Beck:

“I don’t think we came from monkeys. I think that’s ridiculous. I haven’t seen a half-monkey, half-person yet.”

Mr. Beck is mistaken in at least these ways: 1) Our closest relatives are apes, not monkeys; 2) We didn’t “come from” any existing animals, but we did come from the same animals that monkeys did; and 3) many transitional forms have been found in the fossil record — or to take him literally, a chimpanzee or a gorilla or an orangutan could probably be considered “half-monkey, half-person”, as they’re somewhere between the two, genetically.

Here’s Wikipedia on human evolution, the super-family of great apes, which includes humans, and monkeys.

Of course, as a Mormon, Beck’s confusion about ancestry only begins with evolution and continues into thinking that American Indians are descended from ancient Jewish tribes. (For balance, here is another Mormon trying to explain away this strand of crazy.)

From Talking Points Memo.

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The Mormons Baptized Obama’s Mom

In 2008, the Mormon Church baptized President Obama’s mother posthumously. Which didn’t surprise me much. But apparently the baptism was against the Mormon religious code because the dead are only supposed to be baptized when a living, Mormon relative submits them for it. And here I thought they were just baptizing the entire human race will-nilly.

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