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This is not even mentioning the time Rick Perry fucking killed an innocent person

Rick Perry’s about to announce his candidacy for President, and with the John Kerry of the GOP currently leading the pack, Perry looks pretty well-positioned to become the front-runner for the Republican nomination. He’s got both the social conservative cred and the record as a successful governor of a state that’s done relatively okay during the Great Recession. Somehow though, it seems like we’re forgetting a crucial part of the Rick Perry Story. Take it away, Alex Pareene:

Perry’s flirtations with neo-Confederate organizations and symbols — ably documented by Justin Elliott — are so extraordinarily reprehensible that it should immediately and permanently disqualify him from being taken seriously for national office. The Confederacy was not a bunch of generally well-meaning dudes who went a little too far, it was a gang of racist traitors who launched a bloody war to defend a monstrously unjust institution.

This, of course, is not even mentioning the time Rick Perry fucking killed an innocent person. Which, talk about disqualifying! This is the new front-runner, the man who doesnt care that he killed an innocent person. Whee!

Via The Dish.

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Mitt Romney’s campaign will be minty fresh

Thank you, Daily Intel! I couldn’t put my finger on what Mitt Romney’s new logo reminded me of:

 Mitt Romneys campaign will be minty fresh

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Palin’s base

Which Republicans most want Sarah Palin for President? The answer is not surprising:

 Palin’s base

Via The Daily Dish.

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