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The only two speakers of a dying language don’t like talking to each other

This year will see the release of a dictionary of the dying language of Ayapaneco. It’s an indigenous Mexican language, and Documenting it has been a challenge.

There are just two people left who can speak it fluently – but they refuse to talk to each other. Manuel Segovia, 75, and Isidro Velazquez, 69, live 500 metres apart in the village of Ayapa in the tropical lowlands of the southern state of Tabasco. It is not clear whether there is a long-buried argument behind their mutual avoidance, but people who know them say they have never really enjoyed each other’s company.

Via The Morning News.

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Episode 8 – “Attack of the Gerrymanders”

 Episode 8 – “Attack of the Gerrymanders”

American history is on the minds of Dave and Jeff. Also of note: Dungeons & Dragons, the out-of-date zodiac, the gun store of Mexico, and a dog who wore sunglasses. So settle in with a fresh O’Doul’s and prepare yourself to learn about Admiral George Cockburn, The Pig War, and the true meaning of the word Gerrymander.

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Mexico has one gun store

There is only one legal gun store in Mexico. It’s in Mexico city and is operated by the military.

To go shopping for a gun in Mexico, customers must come to Mexico City – even if they live 1,300 miles away in Ciudad Juarez. To gain entry to the store, which is on a secure military base, customers must present valid identification, pass through a metal detector, yield to the security wand and surrender cellphones and cameras.

To buy a gun, clients must submit references and prove that their income is honestly earned, that their record is free of criminal charges and that their military obligations, if any, have been fulfilled with honor. They are fingerprinted and photographed. Finally, if judged worthy of owning a small-caliber weapon to protect home and hearth, they are allowed to buy just one. And a box of bullets.

Of course, there are tons of illegally-gotten guns in Mexico, probably mostly smuggled from the US.

Via The Corner.

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