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Nobody on the Internet is really a lesbian

 Nobody on the Internet is really a lesbian

It’s a trend we didn’t know about: men who pose as lesbians to blog about issues concerning lesbians. Why do they do this?

I didn’t start this with my name because … I thought people wouldn’t take it seriously, me being a straight man

That’s Bill Graber, who wrote under the name Paula Brooks on the ironically-titled LezGetReal. It turns out Amina the Gay Girl in Damascus AKA Tom McMaster in Edinburgh wrote on LezGetReal before starting his own blog.

Amina often “flirted” with Brooks, the paper said – with neither man apparently realising that the other was also a man pretending to be a lesbian.

Comic from Chris Mohney.

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Episode 7 – “Not Heavily Racist”

 Episode 7 – “Not Heavily Racist”

Dave and Jeff present a parade of ridiculous and pathetic racists, including a misparented boy, a bad neighbor, and a neo-Nazi embarrassed by his hateful tattoos. Also: lesbian lightbulb jokes and product ideas.

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Children raised by lesbians are awesome

A new (and tres extensive) study shows that children raised by lesbian couples average smarter and nicer than children raised by hetero couples. (Yes, but can they throw a football?) From Gawker:

The results of the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study were published today in Pediatrics magazine and found that “daughters and sons of lesbian mothers, all conceived through donor insemination, were rated higher than their peers in social, academic, and overall competence, and lower in aggressive behavior, rule-breaking, and social problems, on standardized assessments of psychological adjustment.”

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More assholes in Mississippi

Making teenage lesbians feel shitty is becoming a statewide pastime. Now, a high school has removed a girl from her year book.

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