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Two new dinosaur species pick up the fallen Ceratops mantle

Good news! We have replaced our old and broken Triceratops with the new and shiny Kosmoceratops and Utahceratops, both discovered in the Utah desert.

The Utahceratops has a large horn over the nose and short eye horns that project to the side rather than upward, similar to a bison. Its skull is about 7 feet long, it stood about 6 feet high and was 18 to 22 feet long. It is believed to have weighed about 3 to 4 tons.

The Kosmoceratops has similar facial features at the Utahceratops, but has 10 horns across the rear margin of its bony frill that point downward and outward. It weighed about 2.5 tons and was about 15 feet long.

Via The Slatest.

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