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Kevin Williamson of NRO deals with reality

Kevin Williamson is certainly a good fit at the National Review, and as such, I’ve read some aggravating posts from him. (Here’s one not so much aggravating as just silly and pointless: Meet the Palin Administration.) As all NRO writers, he gives Obama the full burden of the doubt, assuming bad policy and worse motives based on even the slightest evidence. Nevertheless, I have to score a couple of points for him for his post defending the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan. To be sure, we don’t even know yet if Obama is on board with the plan, but the commission was created by Obama, resisted by Republicans, and a lot of conservatives have already dismissed it as tainted by liberalism. In particular — along with massive and bold spending cuts — the plan would raise some taxes. Which makes this a breath of fresh air:

Why should I rely on the performance of theoretical Republicans when I have the evidence of actual Republican Congresses and actual Republican administrations to inform me that radical spending cuts are unlikely under a unified Republican government?

The burden of taxation is not equal to what the government collects; it is equal to what the government spends. Deficit spending just greases the skids for ever-more-incontinent fiscal shenanigans ā€” Iā€™d rather the taxpayers bear the pain of government spending as the money is spent than evade it, kicking the taxes down the road to the next generation. We can either pay the taxes today or pay them in the future ā€” with interest, trillions of dollars in interest.

Right on, sir.
Via The Daily Dish.

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