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The inescapable logic of a man who claims to be Jesus

Sayeth Alan John Miller:

There’s probably a million people who say they’re Jesus and most of them are in asylums. But one of us has to be.

I mean, come on. ONE OF THEM HAS TO BE. Mr. Miller believes he has memories of his past life as Jesus Christ. Which makes no sense because Jesus wasn’t dead, so he couldn’t be reincarnated.
Via Dangerous Minds.

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The Macho Man is in heaven

From Reddit.

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Jesus hates Obama. Just kidding. But no, really.

Fox has refused to air a commercial for a website called Jesus Hates Obama. When you visit the site, you get this message:

Do we really believe that Jesus hates Obama? Of course not!

However, we do believe in freedom… as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama Administration with novelty t-shirts.

These guys are dipshits ;P

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Satan wants to destroy you. Approve/Deny?

New friend requests from Jesus and Satan

From Buzz Feed.

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Jesus: Dinosaur Rider (Probably!)

via Ffffound

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James Cameron Finds Jesus

Titanic director James Cameron thinks he’s found Jesus’s tomb. Naturally, religious leaders aren’t really into it. Here’s what one reverend has to say:

All of Jesus’ contemporaries recorded Christ rose after being dead for three days and ascended into Heaven. For 2,000 years people of faith along and countless scholars have pored over the Scriptures, confirming their veracity. A Hollywood director is the least qualified to render any determination of Biblical truth.

Now, I’m definitely skeptical when anybody, much less James Cameron, tells me they found where Jesus was buried. But I love that this guy’s rebuttal amounts to: “Look, people who believe this crap have been reading this crap for years, and they have decided that this crap is true. So that should be much more convincing than something as flimsy as DNA evidence.”
via The Morning News

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