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Man breaks dog out of pound, gets caught, goes to jail, dog gets euthanized

Edwin Fry had a dog named Buddy Tough whom Fry let wander around off-leash. Buddy got into all kinds of trouble and was taken to the city pound — twice. The second time, instead of paying the $100 fine, Fry drove his lawn mower over to the pound and used a pair of bolt-cutters to get his dog out. He was stopped as he was leaving and was arrested. Then he was put in jail, and stayed there for several days because no one wanted to post his bail. By the time he got out, Buddy Tough was euthanized.

“He’s flying now with the angels, and I know I’ll see him again,” Fry said.

Which is very sweet, but if Fry were strict with his faith in heaven, he wouldn’t be so sure. As Randy Alcorn explains on a Christian advice website:

Q. Our beloved dog recently died. Should I correct my kids when they say they can’t wait to play with Rocky again in heaven?

A. Humorist Will Rogers said, “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” This statement was, of course, based on sentiment, not theology.

Alcorn goes on to advise that the parent not correct the kids because, hey, maybe God will surprise. Even though he doesn’t have to.

In other news, only a quarter of dog owners who don’t keep their dogs leashed clean up after them when they poop.

Via Obscure Store and The Daily Dish.

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Minneapolis settles a lawsuit for arresting zombies

The city of Minneapolis has settled a lawsuit with a group of zombies, who were arrested in 2006 for carrying simulated “weapons of mass destruction”. They will pay the zombies $165,000 after jailing them for two days without charges.

The four men and three women, all of whom lived in the Twin Cities at the time, were playing the role of zombies to illustrate their belief that people buy and rely on new products “as a replacement for real interaction,” said Rechitsky.

They were making their zombielike way along Nicollet Mall around 7 p.m. when police told them to turn down their music and keep a distance from bystanders. Later, on Hennepin Avenue, a young girl with her father became frightened by the lurching zombies, according to court records.

Police asked for the zombies’ identification, and when most said they had none on them, they were told they would be detained.

Via Obscure Store.

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