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Mohammed-drawing cartoonist has to move and change her name now

Molly Norris started Everybody Draw Mohammed Day to ridicule the idea that anyone should be threatened over drawing something has now been forced into hiding. This is sad and dumb and I guess kind of the whole point anyway:

The Seattle Weekly, which ran Norris’ comics, said yesterday that “on the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, she is, as they put it, “going ghost”: moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity.”

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Cordoba’s logo has the peace sign in it…. for what it’s worth

The designer who made the Cordoba Initiative’s logo by arranging western peace signs in a Muslim-ish flower pattern sighs over the insignificance of his design in the Ground Zero Mosque controversy. For him, the Initiative’s embrace of this western symbol is evidence of their good intentions.

 Cordobas logo has the peace sign in it.... for what its worth

Oh but this is the culture war, and nothing is uncontroversial in the culture war. Back when the Peace symbol was becoming ubiquitous, conservative and Christian groups warned about the nefarious meanings encoded in it. From Time Magazine, 1970:

American Opinion magazine, published by John Birch Society Founder Robert Welch, compared the familiar peace symbol to an anti-Christian “broken cross” carried by the Moors when they invaded Spain in the 8th century. A recent national Republican newsletter noted an ominous similarity to a symbol used by the Nazis in World War II; some experts say it was a letter in an ancient Nordic alphabet. Any resemblance, however, is probably coincidental. The peace design was devised in Britain for the first Ban-the-Bomb Aldermaston march in 1958. The lines inside the circle stand for “nuclear disarmament.” They are a stylized combination of the semaphore signal for N (flags in an upsidedown V) and D (flags held vertically, one above the signaler’s head and the other at his feet).

Which sounds an awful like the present-day right wing’s conspiracy theories about Obama’s nuclear summit logo and this missile defense logo:

 Cordobas logo has the peace sign in it.... for what its worth

Says Big Government’s Frank Gaffney:

Team Obama’s anti-anti-missile initiatives are not simply acts of unilateral disarmament of the sort to be expected from an Alinsky acolyte. They seem to fit an increasingly obvious and worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam and the theo-political-legal program the latter’s authorities call Shariah.

What could be code-breaking evidence of the latter explanation is to be found in the newly-disclosed redesign of the Missile Defense Agency logo (above). As Logan helpfully shows, the new MDA shield appears ominously to reflect a morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo.

The evidence is conclusive.

PS I think the lesson for designers in this is that people will receive the message they’re looking for in your design long before they receive the message you actually put there.
Via The Morning News, Wikipedia.

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The President stands WITH SHARIA!!!

Apparently, the President supports sharia law for the whole world and wants to subjugate your daughters. Or something.

President Obama gave a lovely speech for Ramadan, expressing a very important sentiment regarding the “Ground Zero” “Mosque”.

And the reason that we will win this fight is not simply the strength of our arms – it is the strength of our values. The democracy that we uphold. The freedoms that we cherish. The laws that we apply without regard to race or religion; wealth or status. Our capacity to show not merely tolerance, but respect to those who are different from us – a way of life that stands in stark contrast to the nihilism of those who attacked us on that September morning, and who continue to plot against us today.

As countless others have pointed out again and again, the President also reminds us in this speech that we aren’t fighting the religion of Islam. We’re fighting murderous extremists, who have killed more Muslims than adherents of any other religion — including innocent Muslims who died in the 9/11 attacks.

But never mind that. It doesn’t stop PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVES Frank Gaffney and Andy McCarthy from telling us that this event means that President Obama supports sharia — I guess there were a couple people invited to the Ramadan event that either made some remarks or are associated with some group that Gaffney and McCarthy don’t like.

And you know what? Gaffney and McCarthy might even have a point, but I can’t take their word for it because I know from experience that they’re just as likely to be hyping nothing into something as expressing a legitimate concern. McCarthy, for one, is a lead intellectual in the theory that Obama (along with liberals!) is out to undermine America. He writes books about it. Here is part of Wonkette’s review of his latest, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America:

A few things covered and vigorously condemned in this book: Barack Obama, Barack Obama’s bow to the king of Saudi Arabia (because the proper way to host Saudis is to hold their hands while showing them around your ranch), Barack Obama’s colonial subject bow to Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama’s father (who instilled Communism in his estranged son), something called “the Left,” Muslims, Saul Alinksy and his legions of followers, Karl Marx and his daily walks to the British Museum, and eighteenth-century French philosophers.

I’ll admit that I haven’t read any of his books and that I don’t plan to. My guideline is that if it takes a book to make an insane claim not be insane, the claim will probably still be insane at the end of the book. But the reader might be confused!

Anyway, more evidence of Andy McCarthy’s even-handedness and fealty to truth and understanding is the post following “The President Stands with Sharia”. This one’s called “9/11 Families Stunned by President’s Support of Mosque at Ground Zero“, and it shows conclusively that the families of 9/11 victims all hate Barack Obama and the Ground Zero Mosque. Just kidding, “9/11 Families” is the name of a right-wing group led by Debra Burlingame — who, it should be said, is indeed the sister of someone who died on 9/11. But, looking at her website, it’s not clear to me how many other 9/11 family members are part of her organization. Certainly, she doesn’t speak for another group, “September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows” who have announced their support for the Cordoba Center. Perhaps Andy McCarthy should have pointed out this difference of opinion in his post.

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Mecca Time

The world’s biggest clock is being built in Mecca. It’s still incomplete, but one of its faces has already started ticking. The clock tower will be the second tallest building in the world.

More than six times larger in diameter than London’s famed Big Ben, the clock faces, with the Arabic words “In the Name of Allah” in huge lettering underneath and will be lit with two million LED lights.
Some 21,000 white and green coloured lights, fitted at the top of the clock, will flash to as far as 30 kilometres (18.7 miles) to signal Islam’s mandatory five-times daily prayers.

The clock is apparently part of an effort to establish Mecca Time as a rival to Greenwich Mean Time. What this means in practice, I’m not sure. Do they want to move the international date line? Do they just want to change UTC so that it refers to the time in Mecca? Or do they actually want the reference time for the world to be in Mecca? If it’s the last case, then they need to build not the biggest clock but the most precise. But even if they do that, the rest of the world will still prefer England time to be UTC+0, just so we don’t have to rewrite a bunch of software.

Naturally, for proponents of Mecca Time, it’s not just national or religious pride that makes them think they’re so important. They also have “science” to back them up.

A prominent cleric, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawy, said modern science had at last provided evidence that Mecca was the true centre of the Earth; proof, he said, of the greatness of the Muslim “qibla” – the Arabic word for the direction Muslims turn to when they pray.


This claim that the holy city is a “zero magnetism zone” has won support from some Arab scientists like Abdel-Baset al-Sayyed of the Egyptian National Research Centre who says that there is no magnetic force in Mecca.
“That’s why if someone travels to Mecca or lives there, he lives longer, is healthier and is less affected by the earth’s gravity,” he said. “You get charged with energy.”

Wow. That is a hell of a claim. Zero magnetism zone? I guess that means that compasses don’t work in Mecca? Probably not true.

Kindly, Steve Schimmrich the Hudson Valley Geologist has tried to give this crackpottery the benefit of the doubt (and taught me something about magnetic north):

What they may be talking about, however, is the zero line of magnetic declination. Turns out the north magnetic pole is not in the same place as the north geographic pole (which is fixed and located at the Earth’s rotational axis).

md Mecca Time
Look at the diagram above which shows lines of magnetic declination for the Earth’s magnetic field. It’s very complex, monitored and studied by geophysicists, and changes slightly year-to-year. Note the zero line that passes through the middle of the U.S. This means that if I go to the middle of Minnesota, for example, my compass (which aligns to magnetic north) will point to true north (0° declination from north).

Is Mecca on a 0° declination line? Not exactly. It’s close, as you can see on the diagram above, but not right on it (like some sites in the North and South America are). NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center calculates a magnetic declination of 3° E for Mecca.

Or maybe Abdel-Baset al-Sayyed is just sort of nuts. Dr. Sanity excerpts an interview that makes a strong case. It is also hilarious.

Dr. ‘Abd Al-Baset Sayyid: The centrality [of Mecca] has been proven scientifically. How? When they traveled to outer space and took pictures of the earth, they saw that it is a dark, hanging sphere. The man said, “Earth is a dark hanging sphere – who hung it?”

Interviewer: Who said that?

Dr. ‘Abd Al-Baset Sayyid: [Neil] Armstrong. Armstrong was basically trying to say: Allah is the one who hung it. They discovered that Earth emits radiation, and they wrote about this on the web. They left the item there for 21 days, and then they made it disappear.

Interviewer: Why did they make it disappear?

Dr. ‘Abd Al-Baset Sayyid: There was intent there…

Interviewer: So it may be said that this suppression of information was significant.

Dr. ‘Abd Al-Baset Sayyid: It was very significant, since…the Ka’ba [in Mecca]… They said it emits radiation. This radiation is short-wave.

When they discovered this radiation, they started to zoom in, and they found that it emanates from Mecca – and, to be precise, from the Ka’ba.

Interviewer: My God!!

Via the Corner.

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Happy Draw Mohammed Day!

 Happy Draw Mohammed Day!
Learn more…

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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

 Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

Via Andrew Sullivan

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Mosques Aimed Wrong

Some 200 mosques in Islam’s holiest city, Mecca, point the wrong way for prayers, reports from Saudi Arabia say.

Some worshippers are said to be anxious about the validity of their prayers. There have been suggestions that laser beams could be used to make an exact measurement.

It’s like leaving voicemail on the wrong person’s machine.
via Pharyngula

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Qiblah Pole

 Qiblah Pole

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Muslims in Space (Also Have to Pray)

If a muslim is on the space station, how does he — or she (one can dream) — know where to pray to?

A user-friendly, portable Muslims in Space calculator could determine the direction of the Qiblah and prayer times on the ISS. Its essential feature would be the use of the Projected Earth and Qiblah Pole concepts. These are based on the interpretation of the holy house of angels in the sky above Mecca. The place is always rich with angels worshiping. As many as 70,000 angels circumambulate it every day. Thus, one virtual Qiblah Pole can be taken as a universal reference to determine the direction of the Qiblah. When the Earth is projected to the height of the ISS, every point on its surface will be projected also, including the Qiblah point, which can be projected upward and downward along the Qiblah Pole. This allows the direction of the Qiblah to be determined in space and in the bowels of the Earth.

via Kottke

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