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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks Europe is stealing Iran’s rain

Alleged friend of magicians Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he knows why Iran has suffered through several droughts.

“Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran,” Mr Ahmadinejad said in the city of Arak in Markazi province.

“According to reports on climate, whose accuracy has been verified, European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent, he said.

By doing so, “they prevent rain clouds from reaching regional countries, including Iran,” Mr Ahmadinejad charged.

From The Telegraph, via Gawker.

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Iran thinks the London 2012 Olympics logo spells out “Zion”

Iran sees a pro-Israel conspiracy in the logo for London’s 2012 Olympic games. The logo is made of jagged shapes that resemble the numerals for 2012.

But Mohammad Aliabadi, head of the National Olympic Committee in the Islamic republic, insisted the logo was a sign of “racism”.
In a letter to International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, he wrote: “Unfortunately, we all are witnessing that the upcoming Olympics … faces a serious challenge, definitely spawned out of some people’s racist spirit.
“The use of the word Zion by the designer of Olympics logo ….in the emblem of the Olympic Games 2012 is a very revolting act.”

Via Logo Design Love.

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Setting the stage for clueless demagoguery

My adventures continue at Confederate Yankee where today I was confronted by this morsel:

If Democrats think that the Tea Party has little use for them now, imagine what the sentiment will become if some bomb-throwing left-wing sociopath splashes a peaceful group of Tea Party protesters with homemade napalm.

The title of the post is “Setting the Stage for an American Neda”. Yeah, that’s right. Dude actually thinks the Tea Party protests are similar in import and personal risk to the Green Revolution in Iran.

For a guy who’s obsessed with the supposed anti-Americanism of others, Mr. CY sure has a low opinion of this country if he thinks he may as well be living in Iran.

UPDATE: Apparently my blog is now “questionable content” according to Confederate Yankee. I’m also having trouble posting a comment to the “Neda” post. I promise it’s clean! He’s just sensitive, I guess.

UPDATE 2: And now I’m not allowed to post comments on CY anymore. Does that count as a win?

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Iran has a complicated government

Iran has the most complicated government I’ve ever heard of.

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Iran, Negotiations, and Preconditions

Iran has responded to President-elect Obama’s willingness to negotiate without preconditions by adding preconditions to any potential negotiations.

In recent interviews, advisers to Ahmadinejad said the new U.S. administration would have to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, show respect for Iran's system of rule by a supreme religious leader, and withdraw its objections to Iran's nuclear program before it can enter into negotiations with the Iranian government.

via Andrew Sullivan

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