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There are snapping turtles in the Ganges meant to eat up all the dead bodies

For religious beliefs, for lack of money, and for having nothing better to do with them, Indians dump a lot of corpses into the Ganges.

Even the flesh-eating turtles released in the Ganga to munch the dead bodies have failed to make any significant impact. Released into a stretch of river at Varanasi in the late 1980s, poaching may have accounted for a better part of their promised appetite.

From Pratie Place, via Reddit.

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C-Sections for good luck

There’s a trend in India of pregnant women getting c-sections to ensure their baby is born on a lucky day.

Ms. Varmaa and her child would be fine, the astrologer said, as long as the baby was born on one of three mahurats, or auspicious days, near her due date. She then did what doctors say an increasing number of middle-class Indians are doing these days: She scheduled a caesarean section in order to nail that good-luck date.

The perfectly timed birth not only gave her a wonderful daughter, Ms. Varmaa says, but also got her own life back on track. Her career and health have improved and her brief, arranged marriage has ended in an amicable divorce.

Via The Morning News.

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Indian rupee symbol selected

Indian rupee symbol selected:

Rupee symbol

I like it. Good work, India.

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Indian rupee to get new symbol

The Indian Rupee is going to get its own symbol. It will probably be one of these:

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