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Catalogue of sins

Wonkette relays a wonderful list of sins, as decreed by the Family Research Council (you may know them from such hypocrisies as the rent boy.

There’s a special section of “State & National Sins”, which defines sins for citizens and leaders. All of them are gems, but I especially like these:

  • Judicial, legislative & executive actions affirming, fostering, promoting & exporting: abortion, infanticide, homosexuality & atheistic education (my bold)
  • Deceitfully leading America into New World Order
  • Thievery via confiscation of private property under veil of “environmental protection”
  • Thievery from all Americans via inflation
  • Imposition of Statism and Socialism in every arena of American life (schools, medicine, business, charity, etc.)
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More from Confederate Yankee, my own adopted winger

Oh this guy. He has a post called In Praise of Profiling, which expends a lot of type making the argument that awful liberals who are against racial profiling are dumb and angry and wrong because racial profiling totally works.

As if the question is about whether racial profiling works. The question is whether we want our government to treat people differently because of the color of their skin. And the answer is no. BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA.

It makes me sick to my stomach to read diatribes from an ignorant right-winger who rarely wastes a post without calling Obama anti-American, all while speaking out against the most fundamental American principles.

I mean… All men are created equal? Equal protection under the law? These are not liberal conspiracies.

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