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Hugo Chávez offers to help Libya out

Hugo Chàvez has offered to help Libyan rebels negotiate with Gadhafi. The rebels aren’t interested in negotiating.

The rebel leadership said the international community had yet to inform them of any initiative from the Venezuelan president, who reportedly contacted the embattled Libyan leader earlier this week in a bid to enter the fortnight-long violent standoff.

“Talk of peace is far too late,” said a second member of the organising committee, Salwa Bogheiga. “A lot of people have died and there is no one to negotiate with. They lost that right when they started killing people on 17 February.”


In Tripoli, the Libyan government said it accepted the Venezuelan offer.

Via The Morning News.

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Hugo Chavez rejects Obama’s ambassador, would prefer someone famous

Hugo Chavez has rejected President Obama’s nominee to be ambassador to Venezuela. The nominee, Larry Palmer, has criticized Chavez’s government. But maybe that’s not the problem! Maybe Chavez is just looking for someone a little more Hollywood.

In a televised speech on Tuesday, Venezuela’s president said he had come up with a solution. “I hope they name Oliver Stone. I’ll suggest a candidate … Sean Penn or [linguist and philosopher Noam] Chomsky. We have a lot of friends there. Bill Clinton.”

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Draw Hugo Chavez Day

Venezuela’s democratically-elected socialist dictator Hugo Chavez wants amateurs to stop making pictures of him.

[The government] has banned the use of the “name, image or figure” of Hugo Chavez on “infrastructure projects, constructions, educational establishments or public buildings of any kind” unless express permission of the president has been granted.

I totally understand. Once people think they’re allowed to draw pictures of you, they come up with shit like this:

 Draw Hugo Chavez Day

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