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Ted Haggard is probably bisexual

Ted Haggard:

I think that probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual.

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Curing homosexualism

Mirojub Petrovic is opening a clinic in Serbia to cure homosexuals. He has some theories about how to go about it:

Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, “drink a lot of water,” “reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine,” engage in “physical activity,” “rest [at] appropriate times.” Plus, one “must think about good things.” Oh, and receive regular enemas.

In Petrovic’s eyes, he isnt just curing gays of an affliction; hes saving them from a possible death sentence. Though he acknowledges that “you cannot execute homosexuals” at this point, he supports a system that would ultimately give gays a choice: change your behavior or face the death penalty.

Surprise! Petrovic would like to live in a theocracy!

“In democracy we can vote and we can legalize any kind of destructive way of living. So now we have junk food, tobacco and alcohol — poisons — legalized, and we are going to legalize marijuana, homosexualism, and there is no end.” He is the author of a book, “Basics of Theocracy,” that sets out this antidemocratic vision.

Via The Daily Dish.

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Is my husband GAY?

Christwire wonders if its husband is gay. Warning signs!

3 ) Feigning attention in church and prayer groups
Have you noticed a lack of interest in spiritual issues? Does it ever seem as if he’s just using church as an excuse to spend time around young men? Does he volunteer to mentor in all-male groups?
6 ) Clothes that are too tight and too “trendy”
Gay men don’t need words to communicate their availability for sex “hook ups.” They silently broadcast the news by showing off their lean, hard bodies in designer clothing labels. If your husband owns skinny jeans and looks at his buttocks in the mirror or if he wears an inordinate number of small-sized t-shirts, it is probably worthwhile to pay more attention to his private activities.
8 ) More interested in the men than the women in pornographic films
Pornography is a dangerous element in any marriage but there are many Christians who feel watching it does add something to their sexual lives. If you have gone down this road and find that your man perks up at the sight of the men in these sorts of videos, you should be concerned. If he selects films because of specific male actors, this is an obvious sign that he is suffering from a crisis of ego and desire.
11 ) Sassy, sarcastic and ironic around his friends
A man who is secretly engaged in homosexual activity with others may exhibit feminine qualities when they get together in a group. In a sense, he has “let his hair down” and this will be seen in excessive back talk and speaking with one’s hands.
12 ) Love of pop culture
It’s quite common for young men to enjoy the science fiction end of popular culture, but when your husband becomes overly obsessed with romantic and feminine shows, that is cause for alarm. Gossip websites, Glee and The Golden Girls are three well-documented icons of the gay movement that genuine heterosexual men avoid.
13 ) Extroverted about his bare chest in public
Does he go shirtless in the back yard or at picnics when other men are around? Does he wear a speedo at the beach? Does it seem like he’s purposely standing right in the middle of a crowd to show off his chest and arm muscles, peppering people with questions about how strong he looks? He may be craving physical affirmation from other men and desperately looking for hints of shared desires in those around him.

Via Buzz Feed.

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Eddie the Brick — “Say What You Mean”

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Fidel Castro takes blame for Cuba’s injustice to gays

Throughout the 1960s and ’70s, Cuba sent openly gay men to labor camps without charge or trial.
“They were moments of great injustice, great injustice!” Castro told journalist Carmen Lira Saade from the Mexican daily La Jornada. “If someone is responsible, it’s me.

That’s certainly interesting, although any warm feeling it generates in me towards Castro is counteracted by the sense that maybe admitting you were wrong doesn’t begin to make up for sending members of a minority to labor camps.

Another interesting fact is that Cuba decriminalized homosexual acts in 1979, 24 years before America did. Of course, once again, America also never forced gays into labor camps.

Via The Slatest.

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Evo Morales: chickens injected with hormones can cause gayness and baldness

Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, says that chickens injected with female hormones are a cause of homosexuality. Also, baldness.

Speaking at an environmental conference on Tuesday, Morales said chicken producers injected fowl with female hormones and insisted that "when men eat those chickens they experience deviances in being men".

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