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Catholic church in Boston had to cancel “All Are Welcome” mass on Gay Pride weekend

“The Rainbow Ministry of St. Cecilia Parish invites all friends and supporters of the LGBT community to a Mass in celebration of Boston’s Pride Month,’’ the bulletin said. “The theme of the liturgy, ‘All Are Welcome,’ honors Christ’s message of hope and salvation to all people. We will also celebrate the diverse community that finds its home at St. Cecilia.’’

But after protests from conservative church members, the archdiocese intervened.

The implication that a Catholic church doesn’t hate gay people was just too much.

From The Boston Globe, via The Dish.

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Montana State Rep. Ken Peterson is afraid that you’ll find you like engaging in homosexual acts

Despite rulings in the Montana and US Supreme Courts that laws criminalizing homosexuality are unconstitutional, Ken Peterson, a Republican member of Montana’s legislature, thinks homophobic laws still apply in certain cases.

According to Peterson, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, there are at least two prosecutable offenses—felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. One is the “recruitment” of non-gays. “Homosexuals can’t go out into the heterosexual community and try to recruit people, or try to enlist them in homosexual acts,” Peterson says. He provides an example: “Here, young man, your hormones are raging. Let’s go in this bedroom, and we’ll engage in some homosexual acts. You’ll find you like it.” Peterson hasnt actually seen this happen, he says, because “I don’t associate with that group of people at all… I’ve associated with mainstream people all my life.”

The other case is performing acts in public “that could be construed as homosexual”. The good news is that Peterson seems to be alone in this legal opinion. From the Missoula Independent, via Wonkette.

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The first rule of Creation Museum Date Night

Is that there are no homos allowed at Creation Museum Date Night.

They explained to us (my friends, I arrived after them) that the Creation Museum Date Night was a “Christian environment”, therefore the presence of two men eating dinner together would not be allowed. The very sight of this would “add an un-Christian element to the event” and “disrupt the evening for everyone”.

The Creation Museum rep further informed us that you cannot be a Christian if you are gay, asking “can you tell me what exactly is Christian about being gay?“. How can you argue with that logic?

Via The Morning News.

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Curing homosexualism

Mirojub Petrovic is opening a clinic in Serbia to cure homosexuals. He has some theories about how to go about it:

Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, “drink a lot of water,” “reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine,” engage in “physical activity,” “rest [at] appropriate times.” Plus, one “must think about good things.” Oh, and receive regular enemas.

In Petrovic’s eyes, he isnt just curing gays of an affliction; hes saving them from a possible death sentence. Though he acknowledges that “you cannot execute homosexuals” at this point, he supports a system that would ultimately give gays a choice: change your behavior or face the death penalty.

Surprise! Petrovic would like to live in a theocracy!

“In democracy we can vote and we can legalize any kind of destructive way of living. So now we have junk food, tobacco and alcohol — poisons — legalized, and we are going to legalize marijuana, homosexualism, and there is no end.” He is the author of a book, “Basics of Theocracy,” that sets out this antidemocratic vision.

Via The Daily Dish.

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Don’t want to talk about it. Not interested!

Don't ask. Don't tell!!

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Elizabeth Hasselbeck is ok with gay marriage

Frustrating, and often very dumb, The View conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck supports gay marriage. Which is nice. Meanwhile, Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality is PISSED.

I can deal with the “queer” activists, whose fanatical dedication to rationalizing their own sin problem is what you’d expect from a movement that “proudly” rejects normalcy and shakes its collective fist at God and His natural, created order. What confounds me are the “conserv-a-libs” (Ryan Sorba calls them “liberal-tarians”) – who so readily ditch five millennia of biblically-informed truth for the latest sexual/social fad.

Via The Daily Dish.

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Prop 8 still kicking and screaming

Bummer. The stay on the Prop 8 has been extended. So no gay marriages for a while. But here’s the thing as I read the gloating on NRO:

Look, we all know gay marriage will become legal nationwide at some point. Right? We all know that, right? What with polling and demographics and all that, it’s obvious that as the sticks in the mud die off, the votes will be overwhelmingly in gay marriage’s favor.

So why do you have to be dicks, conservatives? Why?

Via Gawker.

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Take that, Proposition 8, one of the worst of all propositions

As I’m sure you know, a federal judge has found the horrible Proposition 8 to be unconstitutional as well as horrible. Which is really just another step to the Supreme Court, but the ruling is still pretty thrilling. Because the judge didn’t play softly with this. He makes as compelling a case as you can imagine that a ban on gay marriage makes no sense unless you just hate gay people.

Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license. Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite-sex couples are superior to same-sex couples. Because California has no interest in discriminating against gay men and lesbians, and because Proposition 8 prevents California from fulfilling its constitutional obligation to provide marriages on an equal basis, the court concludes that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

To put this even more starkly, Marc Ambinder lists these facts that are demonstrated by this ruling:

1. Marriage is and has been a civil matter, subject to religious intervention only when requested by the intervenors.

2. California, like every other state, doesn’t require that couples wanting to marry be able to procreate.

3. Marriage as an institution has changed overtime; women were given equal status; interracial marriage was formally legalized; no-fault divorce made it easier to dissolve marriages.

4. California has eliminated marital obligations based on gender.

5. Same-sex love and intimacy “are well-documented in human history.”

6. Sexual orientation is a fundamental characteristic of a human being.

7. Prop 8 proponents’ “assertion that sexual orientation cannot be defined is contrary to the weight of the evidence.”

8. There is no evidence that sexual orientation is chosen, nor than it can be changed.

9. California has no interest in reducing the number of gays and lesbians in its population.

10. “Same-sex couples are identical to opposite-sex couples in the characteristics relevant to the ability to form successful marital union.”

11. “Marrying a person of the opposite sex is an unrealistic option for gay and lesbian individuals.”

12. “Domestic partnerships lack the social meaning associated with marriage, and marriage is widely regarded as the definitive expression of love and commitment in the United States.
The availability of domestic partnership does not provide gays and lesbians with a status equivalent to marriage because the cultural meaning of marriage and its associated benefits are intentionally withheld from same-sex couples in domestic partnerships.”

13. “Permitting same-sex couples to marry will not affect the number of opposite-sex couples who marry, divorce, cohabit, have children outside of marriage or otherwise affect the
stability of opposite-sex marriages.”

(Via Andrew Sullivan)

For a little of what they call “balance”, you might also want to check out some conservative, anti-gay-people voices, like NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez, who provides this interview with anti-gay-marriage activist Brian Brown. Brown is disappointed, unsurprised, and completely clueless as he whines about his rights being violated and how the proponents of gay marriage are ignoring human nature (!). He also defends his fellow activists for bringing their children to hot-button (and often hot-tempered) rallies. His argument is that his family should be with him because he’s doing this for his family… so let’s hope that none of his children are unfortunate enough to have to come out to this man.

Oh but back on the sunny side of the street, Gizmodo gives us a list of tech companies that have fought Prop 8.

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Lesbian teen gets $35k from her asshole school district

Awesome. Constance McMillen, the lesbian whose school conspired to keep from bringing her girlfriend to prom, has received $35,000 to settle her lawsuit.

It’s a stupid amount of money for a recent high school grad to get in a lump sum, but she did something pretty great. Backwards high schools will think twice before trying to pull this shit again.

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Gallagher is crazy, hateful, racist

The Stranger recaps a recent show by Gallagher, who spends his time trashing liberals, people of other nationalities and ethnicities, and most of all, gay people.

“Hey, President Obama,” he spits out the name like a mouthful of burning hair. “You ain’t black. I don’t care what you say—you’re a latte. You’re half whole-milk. It could be goat milk—you could be a terrorist!” I am too busy losing my mind to catch the next joke, which is about Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer. Aaaaand we’re off.
He opens a giant can of fruit cocktail and pours it in. He opens a can of some Asian vegetable—water chestnuts, maybe—and pours that in, too. “This is the China people and queers!!!” he screams and takes his sledgehammer to the thing with a fury that is no fun at all. Wet chunks of China people and queers fly everywhere. The hateful, bitter old man laughs. I cannot believe Bill Hicks is dead and this motherfucker is still touring.

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