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I could care less

Here’s a history of the controversy over saying “I could care less” rather than “I couldn’t care less”. The author also summarizes a parade of former usage arguments.

Among the peeves of 100 years ago, there are plenty of short-lived scandals, nits nobody has picked since the Treaty of Versailles. Usagists once scorned ovation (for “applause”) because the word “really” meant a minor Roman triumph. Dirt was supposed to mean “filth,” not good clean soil. Reliable was called a “monstrous” coinage, practitioner “a vulgar intruder.” But none of these rulings had much effect.

Via The Morning News.

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Jane Austen probably had a really good editor

A Jane Austen scholar studied some letters and original manuscripts written by the author and has concluded that she didn’t have the mastery of language that is a hallmark of her books. She wrote without paragraphs and consistently messed up the order of her i’s and e’s.

Via The Slatest.

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I hope you get the point she died

 I hope you get the point she died

From Buzz Feed.

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