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We’re 98.6 degrees for a reason

Why is the human body 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit? Some scientists have an idea:

Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers previously showed that every one degree Celsius rise in body temperature wards off about 6 percent more fungal species. So tens of thousands of fungi can infect reptiles and amphibians, but we can only be invaded by a few hundred fungi.

In the new work, the researchers created a mathematical model that weighed the fungal protection benefits versus the metabolic cost of high body temperature. And the optimal temperature was 98.1, quite close to what evolution figured out. The research was published in the open-access journal mBio. [Aviv Bergman and Arturo Casadevall, “Mammalian Endothermy Optimally Restricts Fungi and Metabolic Costs”]

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Culprit found in bee disappearance

A military/scientific collaboration has taken a big step towards figuring out why all the bees are dying. They studied many wrecked colonies and found a certain virus and fungus combination in every one.

[T]he bees do not just die — they fly off in every direction from the hive, then die alone and dispersed.

They still don’t know exactly what the combination does to kill them or how it emerged.

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