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Football teams shouldn’t punt on the fourth down, according to statistics.

Grantland has a video on the football coach who never punts. Why doesn’t he? Because statistically, it doesn’t make sense.

Cal professor David Romer concluded that teams should not punt when facing fourth-and-4 or less; NFL stats analyst Brian Burke has detailed the need to rethink fourth-down decision-making; Football Outsiders has conflated punts with turnovers. You’ve even read about it on this site.

Via Kottke.

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Episode 5 – “Don’t Be a Hero”

Suspense and adventure is afoot. As well as the next big fad: near-porn. It’s Dave versus the death ray. And big brother versus football. And giraffes versus their necks. And Pac-Man versus the ghosts. Enjoy!

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Big brother is watching the football game

The NFL is thinking about putting microchips in their footballs. This will make calls more accurate and bring us closer to our inevitable dystopian future.

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