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68 Pages

Scott Walker is the Republican candidate for governor in Wisconsin. (Not this Scott Walker, sadly.) Walker is a serious man, who has a 68-page jobs plan. Here are two pages from it:

 68 Pages

This is how I graduated college.

UPDATE: After some painstaking research, I’ve discovered that Scott Walker’s jobs plan fits on two pages when set in 12pt Century Gothic. But trust me, it’s meaty.

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Death of the Pixel

The pixel will never go away entirely, but its finite universe of digital watches and winking highway signs is contracting fast. It’s likely that the pixel’s final and most enduring role will be a shabby one, serving as an out-of-touch visual cliché to connote “the digital age.”

Jonathon Hoefler reflects on a very old example of a pixelated font and the death of the pixel.
via Kottke

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