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The revolutionary Xerox 914 was pretty much expected to burst into flames

The Xerox 914 copier was introduced in 1959 and went on to enormous success.

One disadvantage of the Xerox 914 was that it had a tendency to catch fire when overheated (Ralph Nader claimed that a model in his office had caught fire three times in a four month period). Because of the problem, the Xerox company provided a “scorch eliminator”, which was actually a small fire extinguisher, along with the copier.

From Wikipedia, via Boing Boing.

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Alligator breath

tumblr lfe8u82a4G1qbduieo1 400 Alligator breath

From Heiko Windisch.

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Just a dragon

 Just a dragon

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Orgy queen attacked by deposed orgy king

Helen and Kenneth were a couple who hosted orgies together. Then they broke up but tried to continue the whole orgy thing. Unfortunately, Kenneth got jealous when he saw Helen doing it with other people at one of the orgies. I’m not sure what he was expecting.

So that wasn’t working out, and Helen started holding the orgies on her own. Then this happened:

Helen Shields, 43, said Kenneth Stewart squirted lighter fuel over her as he chased her through a house where she was staging a night for members of “The Black Man’s Fan Club”.

Via Gawker.

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Putin puts out fires

 Putin puts out fires

There are horrible wildfires going on in Russia. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took to the co-pilot seat of a plane, dumping water on the flames.

Via The Morning News.

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