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Energy, illustrated

By Edward McGowan, via Ffffound.

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Wind farms kill birds

Worth considering if you think the toll on wildlife is a major reason to reduce our oil consumption. From PolitiFact:

The American Bird Conservancy estimated in 2003 that between 10,000 and 40,000 birds were killed each year at wind farms across the country, about 80 percent of which were songbirds and 10 percent birds of prey.

“With the increased capacity over the last seven years, we now estimate that 100,000 – 300,000 birds are killed by wind turbines each year,” said Conservancy spokesman Robert Johns.

By our math, that comes to 274 to 822 birds a day killed by wind farms across the country.

Via Andrew Sullivan

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Daylight Saving Time Wastes Energy

Some scientists did a study when Indiana adopted Daylight Saving Time statewide in 2006. They found that energy costs went up. Apparently, heating and cooling costs more than offset the savings in lighting costs.

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