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The Great Disappointment

So yeah, the world will end (or at least start to end) on May 21, 2011. But in the unlikely event that Jesus does not in fact return on that day, the believers in this prophecy will find themselves in the historical company of the Millerites, who went through a succession of false predictions for the end of the world (Mar-21-1844, Apr-18-1844, Oct-22-1844) in what was called the Great Disappointment.

I waited all Tuesday [October 22] and dear Jesus did not come;– I waited all the forenoon of Wednesday, and was well in body as I ever was, but after 12 o’clock I began to feel faint, and before dark I needed someone to help me up to my chamber, as my natural strength was leaving me very fast, and I lay prostrate for 2 days without any pain– sick with disappointment.

In other news, I will be working the word ‘forenoon’ into my vocabulary.

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Eddie the Brick – “Donuts Are Made of Joy”

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Disappointment on big days makes ladies want to cheat


Ashley Madison is a site for married people to find someone to have an affair with. Its biggest days for signups are the day after Valentine’s Day, the day after Mothers Day, and New Year’s day. After this past Mother’s Day, 10 times the average number of women signed up.

Via Kottke

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Vikings did not wear horned helmets


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