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Dick Cavett says…

We have collectively taken a pratfall on a moral whoopee cushion.

Dick Cavett on America’s reaction to the Burlington Coat Factory Mosque.

PS — The Burlington Coat Factory would prefer you not make that joke.

Via Boing Boing & The Morning News.

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Darkie is now Darlie

 Darkie is now Darlie

From Wikipedia:

In much the same way the tobacco brand name Nigger Hair had become Bigger Hare, the name of the toothpaste was changed in English-speaking markets to “Darlie” after the 1985 acquisition.,


However, the Chinese name of the brand, “้ป‘ไบบ็‰™่†” (in English, “Black Man Toothpaste”), has not changed; in fact, a Chinese-language advertising campaign reassured customers that “Black Man Toothpaste is still Black Man Toothpaste”.

Darlie is from Taiwan, and its name isn’t offensive in Chinese. The idea was that black people’s teeth look whiter because of the contrast with their skin.

Dick Cavett once bought a tube of Darkie and brought it onto Late Night with David Letterman. Eddie Murphy was with them, and the video of the appearance is pretty funny.

Via 9GAG, Truth from Facts

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