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This is why we don’t do it in the road, for the record

Bert Knox had “a history of lying in the road”.

Yeah, he got run over. 🙁

Via Obscure Store.

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Male black widows avoid sex with hungry females for obvious reasons

Male black widows can pick up on chemical cues from female spiders and their webs about whether the females are hungry enough to devour the males post-coitus.

In the study published in the journal Animal Behavior, researchers routinely fed one group of female spiders for several weeks while starving another group (noticeably shrinking their sizes). They then looked at the courtship behavior of the male spiders in a series of tests. In the first experiment, the researchers placed the males on the females’ webs while the cannibals were absent. Here, the males were far more likely to begin their courtship rituals on the webs of cricket-full females.

A male’s courtship dance, the researchers explained, lasts an hour or two and involves tapping different areas of the web. “It’s like spider tai chi; by waving his legs and plucking, he’s providing vibrations that are very distinct to tell the female, ‘I am not a prey item,’” lead author James Chadwick Johnson told BBC Nature.

What I didn’t realize is that there isn’t an impulse beyond simple hunger that makes a female eat a male.

Via Discoblog.

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Death came surfing

 Death came surfing

From With Feeling, via Ffffound.

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Planting a flag on the surface of Osama bin Laden’s head

 Planting a flag on the surface of Osama bin Ladens head

By Tim Denee, via Super Punch.

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Derek K. Miller doesn’t exist anymore

I haven’t gone to a better place, or a worse one. I haven’t gone anyplace, because Derek doesn’t exist anymore. As soon as my body stopped functioning, and the neurons in my brain ceased firing, I made a remarkable transformation: from a living organism to a corpse, like a flower or a mouse that didn’t make it through a particularly frosty night. The evidence is clear that once I died, it was over.

From a heart-breaking, poignant, and clear-eyed final post on Derek K. Miller’s blog.

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Yes, it is base to celebrate a killing, but sometimes it’s ok to be base

A lot of people are getting a creepy feeling about the celebrations over killing bin Laden. I totally understand. But I like how John Cook at Gawker puts it:

The laudable instinct to step back from tribal revelry is rooted in a sense of our common humanity, and the ease with which it is forgotten. But Osama bin Laden is a moral monster of the highest order, with gallons of blood on his hands, and he earned his fate in spades. Not because he has been cartoonishly portrayed as a villain by the U.S., or because he looks funny, or because his policy goals conflict with those of the U.S. and therefore must be destroyed—its because he personally orchestrated the deaths of 3,000 innocents, on purpose, to prove a point. Actions have consequences!

Youre allowed to comprehend that he is a person, a father, a son, with dreams and desires, and also be absolutely over the moon that he got shot in the head yesterday.

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Man gets away with murder, tattoos chest with detailed picture of murder, which is recognized by the cop who investigated said murder

 Man gets away with murder, tattoos chest with detailed picture of murder, which is recognized by the cop who investigated said murder

This guy killed someone in 2004 and wasn’t caught. But when he got picked up for a minor offense, a detective who worked the murder recognized the crime scene in the huge chest tattoo the killer got to commemorate his crime.

From The LA Times, via Gawker.

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In China, the real estate market is crazy – for graves as well as homes

In some Chinese cities, grave plots cost more per square meter than homes. And they only bury ashes because land is too tight. And! They only get their grave for 20 years.

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Cockfighting rooster kills a man

A 35-year-old California man, Jose Luis Ochoa, has died after being stabbed in the calf by a cockfighting bird, police in Bakersfield said.

Naturally, they had strapped knives to the bird.

Yes, it’s sad that a man died. On the other hand, this is like Gladiator for roosters. This is ripe for some ambitious comic book artist to turn into a landmark graphic novel that deftly marries talking cartoon animals with ultraviolence.

Via The Slatest.

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Parents tried to fight the devil… without doctors

Herbert and Catherine Schaible were sentenced to 10 years probation for involuntary manslaughter after their 2-year-old son died of pneumonia. They declined to get their son medical care because their religion considers treatment a sin. Says Herbert:

We tried to fight the devil, but in the end the devil won.

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