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Glenn Beck is not always nuts

Thank you, Glenn Beck, for living up to your commitment to the Constitution. Among the conservatives demanding we suspend the Constitution for the Time Square car bomber, you are a beacon a reason.

“He is a citizen of the United States, so I say we uphold the laws and the Constitution on citizens,” the bombastic Fox News host said to the stunned co-hosts of “Fox and Friends”. “If you are a citizen, you obey the law and follow the Constitution. [Shahzad] has all the rights under the Constitution.”
“We don’t shred the Constitution when it is popular,” Beck added. “We do the right thing.”

Meanwhile, our buddy Confederate Yankee will see your straw man, and raise you one.

Via Wonkette

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This is how it happens

How might a right-wing conspiracy theory get started? Perhaps like this:

Rush gets things rolling by theorizing that radical environmentalists blew up the Louisiana oil rig.

Glenn Reynolds raises an eyebrow that Obama has apparently sent SWAT teams to investigate.

Confederate Yankee promptly gets all hot and bothered at the prospect.

Reynolds then updates his item with a correction that the “SWAT teams” in question were not literal SWAT Teams. That was just a figure of speech used to describe the teams. I’m curious to see if CY corrects his post or if he lets his speculation sit out there, now baseless.

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More from Confederate Yankee, my own adopted winger

Oh this guy. He has a post called In Praise of Profiling, which expends a lot of type making the argument that awful liberals who are against racial profiling are dumb and angry and wrong because racial profiling totally works.

As if the question is about whether racial profiling works. The question is whether we want our government to treat people differently because of the color of their skin. And the answer is no. BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA.

It makes me sick to my stomach to read diatribes from an ignorant right-winger who rarely wastes a post without calling Obama anti-American, all while speaking out against the most fundamental American principles.

I mean… All men are created equal? Equal protection under the law? These are not liberal conspiracies.

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Confederate Yankee and the tag

Check out our buddy Confederate Yankee: by bolding text, he is able to make a huge deal out of one sentence while completely ignoring the following one! Thank you, CY for another case study in hearing what confirms your pre-existing view and ignoring what doesn’t.

[Quoting Obama:] I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. But, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you’re providing a good product or providing good service.

Obama is a socialist who thinks you should keep on making money if you provide a good product or service.

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Bad optics

My experience with Confederate Yankee (who deletes dissenting comments but only when the commenter has a point) has prompted me to read more conservative blogs in an effort to avoid my own epistemic closure.

As a result, I’ve read an eyeful about the Tea Party’s tax day demonstrations, which by all accounts (even those outside the conservative media) went pretty well. The movement has become a little more mainstream, and the crazies have been reined in. Which has led conservatives to blog feverishly about how the mainstream media is still trying to push the story that Tea Party members are racist nuts. I’m not sure that charge is true, but it’s at least arguably true. The point remains: the Tea Party wants to be judged fairly, as a whole, and not by their worst elements. I can get behind that.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to ignore reports like this one, wherein Colorado embarrassment and former congressman Tom Tancredo wants to send Obama back to Kenya among other madness. Ok, yes — most tea partiers are not hateful lunatics. But isn’t this kind of embarrassment the price you pay for billing yourselves as a grassroots, populist movement? If you don’t want to take the rap for craziness, then you have to marginalize the crazies in your movement, yes?

Because at the very least, including unrepentant xenophobes and homophobes and many other types of phobes is “bad optics”. This is a concept that conservative bloggers like Instapundit and Confederate Yankee understand at least as far as it concerns Obama.

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Setting the stage for clueless demagoguery

My adventures continue at Confederate Yankee where today I was confronted by this morsel:

If Democrats think that the Tea Party has little use for them now, imagine what the sentiment will become if some bomb-throwing left-wing sociopath splashes a peaceful group of Tea Party protesters with homemade napalm.

The title of the post is “Setting the Stage for an American Neda”. Yeah, that’s right. Dude actually thinks the Tea Party protests are similar in import and personal risk to the Green Revolution in Iran.

For a guy who’s obsessed with the supposed anti-Americanism of others, Mr. CY sure has a low opinion of this country if he thinks he may as well be living in Iran.

UPDATE: Apparently my blog is now “questionable content” according to Confederate Yankee. I’m also having trouble posting a comment to the “Neda” post. I promise it’s clean! He’s just sensitive, I guess.

UPDATE 2: And now I’m not allowed to post comments on CY anymore. Does that count as a win?

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Obama bowed, people died

If you haven’t heard, this is apparently a very big deal:

Obama is bowing to the leader of China! All is lost! We may as well put lead in our own toys!

To revisit a soon-to-be-old friend, Confederate Yankee of the 100+ deleted comments thinks Obama is an “unteachable buffoon” for this transgression.

So I couldn’t help myself, and now I’ve gotten involved in the comments of this post about Obama and bowing. At first, I thought it was just a silly thing to worked up over. But as I got deeper into the discussion with CY’s readers, I decided to give them a chance to show me their opinion was justified. I mean, if Obama’s bowing spree actually is making the rest of the world think we’re lap dogs, then he should really stop. But for my part, I wasn’t able to find any evidence on the web that anybody but conservatives actually think the bowing makes Obama look weak. I asked the CY commenters about this and all I got were repeated assertions about how bad it is that Obama bowed. My favorite commenter then argued back that if all these world leaders still respected Obama, why weren’t they bowing to him? Which caused me to (perhaps too) gleefully summarize. Self-quote:

A: I can’t believe Obama bowed!
B: Why does bowing matter?
A: Because then no one else respects him.
B: How do you know they don’t respect him?
A: Because they don’t bow!

If they finally come back with some real evidence, I’ll update this post. And perhaps do some bowing of my own!

UPDATE: I do feel compelled to point out that the wingers at CY finally presented some evidence that Obama’s earlier bow to the Japanese Emperor was seen as a gaffe by the Japanese. Here’s a good link about that. Of course, they couldn’t show that it was any more significant than a gaffe — that is, did it actually make them think Obama or America weak because of it? And I’m also less inclined to give them any credit for intellectual integrity since I’ve now been banned from the site.

UPDATE 2: You know, I actually just saw the video of the greeting, and it’s more of a nod than a bow. These guys are fucking idiots.

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